Coaches Code Of Conduct

Redditch United FC has established the following code of conduct for Coaches and team officials. Coaches are expected, at all times, to abide by
the following:

• Treat players, parents and spectators fairly regardless of gender, ethnic background, color, sexual orientation, religion, political belief or economic
• Treat opponents and officials with respect, both in victory and defeat and encourage players to act accordingly.
• Refrain from public criticism of other coaches.
• Refrain from the use of profane, insulting, harassing or otherwise offensive language while coaching.
• Control the behaviour of team parents at games, and ask parents to leave the field if they engage in any unsporting conduct (e.g. criticising or heckling
or threatening game officials, coaches, players, or other parents, or using profane language).
• Speak with the head match official if coaches, players or parents from the opposing team are criticising or heckling or threatening game officials,
coaches, players, or other parents, or using profane language.
• Abstain from and discourage the use of drugs, alcohol and tobacco products in conjunction with football and all sports.
• Ensure that training activities are suitable for the age, experience, ability and fitness level of players.
• Direct coaching comments at the performance rather than the player.
• Educate players as to their responsibilities in contributing to a safe environment.
• Recognise and accept that players’ goals take precedence over those of the coach.
• Give priority to the health and well-being of players.
• Recognise and accept when to refer players to other coaches or sport specialists.
• Be aware that concussion is brain trauma and err on the side of safety if a head impact results in loss of consciousness, dizziness or other symptoms. When in Doubt, Sit Them Out!
• Co-operate with medical practitioners in managing any player medical issues.
• Seek ways to increase development as a coach.
• Co-operate with players’ parents or legal guardians in promoting player development.
• Be aware of the academic pressures placed on players as students, and conduct practices and games in a manner to support their academic  success.
• Ensure the safety of the players.
• Respect players' dignity; recognising that verbal or physical behaviours that constitute harassment or abuse are unacceptable.
• Never advocate or condone the use of drugs or other banned performance
enhancing substances.
• Never provide underage players with drugs, alcohol or tobacco products.
• Never become intimately and/or sexually involved with players. This includes requests for sexual favours or threat of reprisal for the rejection of
such requests.

Accepted by the Board September 20, 2016

Chris Swan
Redditch United