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The experts in driving visibility

TRICO® is proud that our windshield wiper products protect more drivers on the road in North America than any other wiper manufacturer. As a “First in Industry” global windshield wiper blade manufacturer, TRICO has always been a brand that offers superior wiper systems.

Designed and engineered with Original Equipment rigor and quality, our wiper products serve vehicle manufacturers, technicians and drivers everywhere. From conception to production and delivery, TRICO provides superior visibility solutions – from full wiper systems to wiper blades, arms, motors and linkages – making tomorrow safer for everyone on the road.





Established over 20 years ago, Luton-based Comline Auto Parts is a company with high aspirations. Proudly British, Comline are keen to focus on the fact that they exist to support the independent automotive aftermarket with a recipe of quality parts, delivered on time and at a sensible price. Comline have developed a streamlined, low cost business model, with excellent customer service at the heart of the business.

There is 95% availability on over 7,500 part numbers which are available on a next day basis from Comline’s impressive 130,000 square foot warehouse facility, which operates 24 hours a day to cope with the growing European export demands. And because Comline never closes, it also allows containers to be received throughout the night, meaning the day shift is dedicated to pick and pack orders for customers!

It is in mainland Europe where both Comline, and their brake pad brand – Allied Nippon, are strongest. Comline have opened subsidiaries in Greece (Comline Hellas) and more recently in 2013 Spain (Comline Ibérica), countries where the price of vehicle components has become the key driver.





Cobalt was formed in 2003 to bring something different to UK commercial
property development. We're a national, independent company committed to purchasing and developing smaller parcels of land which are often overlooked by larger developers. It's on this land that we create our new concept in business accommodation: the Cobalt Centres, where a range of deals can be structured. Equally, we will look at any opportunity, large or small, immediate or long term, flexibility is our core objective.

If you're looking for premises our Cobalt Centres provide small to medium sized businesses with top quality accommodation in great locations. 

Do you need your property asset to work harder for you?
We can help you assess a range of options designed to enhance the contribution property makes to your business. Why not give us a call for a no obligation appraisal.

If you have land or property to sell you'll find us very different from some property developers. Our decision making is fast and, because we have no need for third party funding, we can get the deal done quickly. Why not look at our land requirements.



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