Manager's Interview

Saturday 8th April 2017

Redditch vs Basingstoke Town  

Last Saturday I asked our team to go out and show some fight and passion and anyone at the game would know we should have picked up 3 points , but would also know we have to be more ruthless in both boxes we had enough chances to win the game but we have to learn to defend our box better and clear our lines when it's needed.

Every week we're making silly mistakes and gifting the opposition easy goals and that's not good enough.

We welcome Basingstoke management and fans which I know will be an entertaining game because Basingstoke are 1 of the best footballing sides in the league and 1 of the fittest which is helped by them being full time, we hope to put on a performance today but more importantly we need the result
because I still think we need 1 win from our next 4 games to be safe , your support once again was superb so please keep supporting us in the last 4 games , thank you.





Saturday 4th February 2017

Redditch vs Chippenham 

We're in really bad form at the moment but I have to say to hear the fans singing and supporting us in our last home game against Biggleswade shows
how devoted you are to Redditch United, with us in mid table I'm now planning for the rest of this season and next season so we all have a team
that can compete at the top end of the league.

I'm disappointed with our results because nobody hates losing more than me but the shining light is I know what is needed to improve our team and
it's now just waiting on getting those players in, I speak with our Chairman regularly and he will support and finance what players are needed
to make this club achieve success so it's a big thank you to him for that.

I would like to welcome the Chippenham management team and fans for today's match which I know will be 1 of our toughest games of the season,
they're top of the league because they're a very strong side and play to their strengths and it's worked for them.

I ask that you keep supporting us and hope we can pick up 3 points for you today.



Saturday 21st January 2017 

Redditch vs Biggleswade


I have to start by saying SORRY about last Saturday's performance because as a group we were not good enough and that's not just the players, when you take a hammering like that people will say the players let themselves down and as much as they have to take some blame for it I have to look at myself more.  It's my team and I send them out there so now it's my job to pick them up and we go again, they need help, and I believe I've shown too much loyalty to some.  We know we lack a voice and leaders at times but I thought I could develop these players into what was required but they do need help so it's my job to get the players I need for us to move up the table.  Talking about leaders I'm delighted to have resigned Jim Mutton from Hednesford and I know he will be very important for us because he's a winner and I'm looking forward to working with him.

It was an embarrassing result but we have to  bury that performance and look forward to the rest of the season but we still have to remember the pain we all felt from it and on the plus side we're still 10th and only 9 points away from 4th and 5th place so we will now look forward to today's game and roll our sleeves up ready to fight and show some pride today and for the next 16 games.

I would like to welcome the Biggleswade management staff and fans and hope it's a great game.




Saturday 7th January 2017

Redditch United v Kings Lynn


Let's start with wishing you all a Happy New Year, I'm hoping to kick off our 1st game this year with a win but we know it will be tough against a very strong Kings Lynn side, I would like to welcome the Kings Lynn management , staff and fans for what I'm hoping will be a great game.

2016 was about highs and lows for the team because we've been a bit too inconsistent but as I've said before it's a special team that are now coming together, players will come a...nd go because I know what Is need for us to get better and the players coming in have to have the right mentality and want to fight for Redditch United FC or I'll move them on but you see we still have our core that have been superb from the start of the season, we need more fire power and I've spoken to managers in the last couple of days and hopefully the players I'll be speaking to will agree to join us for next weekend's game.

Keep cheering us on and hopefully we can get the result we all want.




Tuesday 7th December 2016

Redditch United v Cinderford Town


I would like to welcome Cinderford Town's management staff and fans to the valley for this evenings game , I know Cinderford will be coming here to have a go at us and try and get points on the board , but it's my job to make sure our boys have the same attitude and desire as they did on Saturday in what was a very good performance. The boys played some great stuff and the 2nd Goal was a very good goal but the pleasing thing for me is how these boys are bonding and becoming a team and playing with a smile on their faces, I just want them to enjoy the game because football is the best sport in the world , we're 5 games unbeaten now but we all know how quickly football changes and we have to keep on top of things to keep the run going your support has been superb and it really lifts the boys please keep encouraging and supporting them, thank you.


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