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Saturday 8th April 2017

Redditch United vs Basingstoke Town

“I thought we did much better the last home game and in an even match were unlucky. We showed some of our old spirit and I look forward to seeing that again today as we entertain a very good Basingstoke side. I would like to wish all their Directors, players and supporters a very warm welcome to the Trico stadium today.

I am really pleased with the emerging corporate support for our community club. As we enter next season it will be evident the scale of this and its vital as we cement our important role in the community.

One evidence of this community engagement was the pleasing attendance of the Police with some less fortunate kids than ourselves at the last game. It was fantastic to see the impact on the youngsters, many of them not being able to afford to or even going to a football game in their life before. It so very motivating to see the excellent job our community partners such as the Police do.

We continue apace with our new junior section and I expect a very large number of teams to be playing under the Redditch United banner next season.

I would like to end by saying I am not happy about our recent run and want to and look forward to seeing continued performance today.

Come on you Reds.




Saturday 4th March 2017

Redditch United vs Dorchester Town

“We managed to stop the rot last Saturday albeit it with a late equaliser. They were a good team, newly reinvigorated and fighting for their league status. I think one of the most pleasing things from my point of view was for the first time you could see aggression from our team, helped by our new signings.

We are fighting as hard as we can for the rest of this season and want to finish in the top 8 of the league which is entirely possible. We are also using this period to bring in new players who will figure in next year’s push to get out of the division.

We are preparing for our official opening on 9th March by the Sports Minister, Tracy Crouch. The day starts at 2.00 pm and supporters are most welcome to attend.

The event marks all that we have achieved this season. We are not the same club and the growing pains we have felt from becoming a seven-day operation are worth it and will benefit the Club as it goes forward into the future. Let’s celebrate all our achievements on and off the field.

I welcome the supporters, players and officials from Dorchester to the Trico. It will be a good match and I hope for a positive result at full –time.

Come on you Reds. “




Saturday 18th February 2017

Redditch United vs Cambridge City

“Anyone who says we are concentrating on next season will be fired!!! Darren and I want at least a top 8 finish which is the same position as Liam finished in his first season-that’s perfectly reasonable.

We are bringing in new players and I expect performances and results to turn starting today against a battling Cambridge side. I would like to welcome their  player’s directors and supporters to today’s game.

Off the field the majority of junior teams have committed to next season as well as many new teams and players wanting to join us next year. This will mean we resume vibrancy, enjoyment and future development which coupled with financial transparency means the club is well set for the future.

Just need a result today…

Come on you Reds.  “




Saturday 4th February 2017

Redditch United vs Chippenham Town

“The midweek game against Merthyr, although a 2-0 loss at their ground, produced a much better display than has been seen for the last few games. The new signings did well and we showed a passion and commitment that could have seen us win the game with the chances we created.

Hopefully that continues into the tough game against Chippenham today and I welcome the players, directors and supporters from the club.

Off the field we continue to make strides in our new Junior section for next season which as you know the club is excited about improving its transparency and operation for the benefit of all involved in the section. Many teams have committed to stay and we are shortly announcing the steering group as well as coaches and structure, starting with ages 16 and above, with the creation of exciting new pathways.

Can I also make a request for more match day volunteers? We really need more help with areas such as stewarding, car parking and if anyone can help can they speak to either Paul West or myself please?

So to today. It will be a fast, competitive match played with the right spirit and I hope for a good result at the final whistle.

Come on you Reds. “




Saturday 21st January 2017

Redditch United vs Biggleswade Town 

“The justifiable topic of the week is what on earth happened at Frome ? Hitting it head on,  it was an absolute disgrace with players not competing or trying. Four players have been released from the club and their replacements are here today.

Management, whether it be business or football is about the long term and a stable committed and empowered management team, there to achieve short and long term objectives and strategies. This is in no way a “vote of confidence”, but in Darren and his team we have someone who will grow with the club and above and beyond everything else, learn and change where appropriate. He has acted and we all need to get behind the management team today.

Off the field we continue to get many commitments from our Junior teams to stay on in the Redditch United fold next year. These teams are our future players; supporters; ambassadors; and volunteers. I am delighted with progress.

Biggleswade will be a big test today. I would like to welcome all their supporters, directors and players to the Trico stadium for what will be a competitive match played in the right spirit.

I’m looking for a reaction from our team.

Come on you reds.

Chris.  “




Saturday 7th January 2017

Redditch United vs Kings Lynn

“Welcome to our first home match of 2017.

It's been a frenzy of activity on the sponsorship front with new stadium, main stand and community sponsors in place. I think you will agree that with new signage being erected the Trico stadium is beginning to look the part.

My meetings with individual junior team managers have almost completed and I have learnt lots of new idea to improve the junior playing experience for next season which will be implemented when the Junior section comes under the Redditch United umbrella next season. I have really enjoyed the meetings and it’s been refreshing to see some parents as well. We will be announcing a new steering group for the Junior section soon with some very good names.

I am also delighted that we have hosted several charity fundraising matches at the Trico recently with significant sums being raised. For example, a very creditable £6400 was raised for a relative’s bereavement room at Worcester hospital. We have more coming up in the future and keep checking in on the official Redditch United Facebook page for details.

Speaking of which please also check out our new website which is alive, interactive and engaging.

On the first team front it was disappointing to get a draw with Banbury on boxing day. We are well positioned in the league but need to go on a run starting today to ensure we can compete for the play offs as we did last season.

I would like to welcome the supporters, directors and players from Kings Lynn. They are a good team and will be a good test today.

I hope for a good result at the final whistle.

Come on you Reds.”


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